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10 Dangerous Jobs That Pay Extremely Well


Most people consider mainstream career options. Business owner, travel agent, government worker, transit operator, retail franchiser, pizza deliverer. They usually choose something secure and rather safe. It’s understandable, as who would want to risk their lives for a simple paycheck?

But then there are the few who put everything on the line to contribute something unique to society. Whether it’s a passion they have or simply a glorified salary, every day these people face potential danger to their health, meanwhile providing an admirable and in some cases necessary service.

Everyone has to pay the bills somehow. Some of these professions are not as life-threatening as one may think, However, they offer a daily challenge for those doing the work that, quite frankly, some of us would rather not do. Of course, they are well compensated for their valiant endeavor. Here are some risky careers offset by hefty paychecks.

Iron Worker

Source : freepik.com

Featured in the construction industry, they primarily shape and reinforce metals for building structures. At most, an iron worker can expect a juicy salary at $80,000 or more per year.

However, they deal with cramped working environments and use dangerous equipment. Iron workers are also constantly exposed to the elements on the job.

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