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10 Early Symptoms of Brain Cancer You Must Not Ignore


Brain cancer is a disease caused by a tumor in the brain. And grow up quickly May occur in the brain tissue Or from the progression of cancer from other organs Various risk factors may cause cancer, such as chemical exposure. smoking. Affect the body and daily life such as headache, fainting, nausea and vomiting. Problems with balance, thinking, intelligence, memory, speech, vision, personality and may be life-threatening

These symptoms for brain cancer and a tumor can be different due to the size, type, and the tumor’s location. Following are the 10 most common symptoms:


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Brain Tumors are responsible for pushing on nerve cells within your brain and this interferes with electrical signals and due to such activity in the brain people suffer from a seizure.

Sometimes seizure can be stated as the very first sign in brain tumors, but this can occur in different stages. Around 50 percent of people affected with brain tumors can experience seizures as well.

There can be many other conditions associated with brain tumors, seizures being one of them.

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