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10 Warning Signs of Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world. Regardless of gender Or how old If not taking care of health There is a risk of developing diabetes as well.

Diabetes, a dangerous disease that can occur to everyone. Many people understand that it is a genetic disease only. But do you know that most diabetes is often caused by neglecting diet and health care? In addition, the initial symptoms of diabetes in the first stage are rarely severe. Found only a few symptoms that are so common that they are mistaken for other diseases And become unaware of diabetes

Some people have regular checkups to know whether they are diabetic or not. But with many more People don’t like to go to the doctor. How to know if you have diabetes, so we have 10 warning signs of diabetes to tell.

Increased thirst

Source : freepik.com

If anyone feels that they drink a lot, they are thirsty. Maybe the cause of diabetes. Because the kidneys are unable to filter the sugar, the sugar then returns into the blood until it is excreted in large amounts of urine. The body then causes dehydration. Causing to have to drink to compensate the water lost back to replace If the body becomes dehydrated, it may result in a shock easily.

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