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20 Things You Should Never Do When Traveling In Japan


Japan is a great country that is known for its unique culture. Visitors touring Japan for the first are overwhelmed by the rules and social customs that dictate the public life and how people interact with one another. Visitors touring Japan from abroad are not well-informed about the Japanese etiquette, but familiarizing yourself with a few basics can be of much importance when it comes to adapting to local customs and to avoid a breach of cultural etiquette.

If you are planning to travel to Japan, here are the 20 things you should never do:

Wearing shoes indoors when visiting a Japanese Home

Every time you are visiting a Japanese home, you should remove your shoes once you get into the entrance door. According to Japanese customs outdoor shoes are no longer clean and they should be replaced with the indoor slippers at the entrance door. This rule is also applicable in other public spaces such as shrines, hospitals, and some schools. Embracing this custom while on your trip to Japan is very important.

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