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The 12 Cheapest Cars to Own and Operate


It is very normal to have a budget in order to buy a car. Before buying a car, you must be thought of buying a used one or a new one. So, it is very much important to have an eye on the recent deals of cars and other related offers while you consider buying a car.

But one of the new advantages of buying a new car is that it comes with an extended warranty period. You can also get a warranty for repairing within the first year of buying. Here you can find a full list of the cheapest cars and their prices will be surprised you as well.

So, you are now going to get a full list of the cheapest cars to own and maintain.

Toyota Corolla

This is one of the best selling cars all around the world. The overall performance of this car is simply outstanding. The owners are very much happy to get this car at a reasonable budget. They do not need to spend more money to maintain it.

2020 Toyota Corolla is fuel efficient, but the new styling has compromised the rear seat room and made it harder to get in or out of, because of its lower stance and curvier body. The hybrid version gets an impressive 48 mpg overall. Both the hybrid and the 1.8-liter engine accelerate leisurely, and the continuously variable transmission amplifies engine noise. A more powerful 169 hp, 2.0-liter four-cylinder comes on the higher trim lines and the hatchback.

For this car, you can keep the maintenance cost below $200. You do not need to spend more than that. Also, you can get automatic emergency braking and automatic high beams as well.

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